Downstairs Bathroom Demolition Part I

Britt’s face here pretty much sums up how we felt about this process. [Photo: Jake]

Okay, so this bathroom was meant to be our ‘first’ project. In true 2020 fashion, nothing has really gone according to plan. Instead of getting straight into the heavy lifting, we did a lot of the easy stuff first, since we didn’t officially own the place until we had already lived here for several weeks. To be honest, I was kind of dreading this project from the get-go anyway. This bathroom was super gross. It involved getting into the spider infested crawlspace and many other unpleasantness.

Listing Photo of the Downstairs Bathroom [Photo: Catskill Dream Team]

As it turns out, I could only drag my feet for so long. Britt was dead set on knocking out this bathroom before the summer was over. I’m still not sure if that is going to happen. But I was not able to delay the process any longer. About two weeks ago, she put her foot down and made a timeline of the bathroom renovation. It started the next day. I had no option (if I wanted to stay married, and I do) to comply.

Here are a couple of teaser photos to see where it was going. But there is a video at the bottom of the post that shows the real process. PS, this is just phase I.

Where the new vanity will go.

Stripped down to the studs (above the floor).

Oh, man. Such a mess.

This vid is mostly time lapse, with some interspersed editorializing. Pardon the background jams, which I picked from the Adobe royalty free stock music repository. There are a few flaws in the order of clips. But hey, I don’t care enough to fix. Hopefully you don’t care either!

Highmount House Downstairs Bathroom Demolition, Part I from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

All of that work probably took us about 12 hours total. In retrospect, it was the easy part! Thanks for reading/watching!

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