Room Reveal: Bedroom 1

The author hard at work. (Photo: Jake)

Since the majority of the heavy-lifting has been and will be handled by Jake (minus bathroom demo — I’m on that!), I’m going to focus most of my posts on what I’m taking the lead on: designing each room! I was a bit worried about this aspect of the process considering we were coffee-table-less for over a year due only to the fact that we could not agree on said table. However, we’ve barely run into any snags on this front. Jake and I have fairly similar aesthetic tastes (minimal, neutrals, clean lines, no clutter). Anyway, the first room we finished was the room we call ‘bedroom one,’ because, well, it was the first bedroom we finished. Here’s what it looked like before:

Bedroom 1 photo from listing. (Photo: Catskill Dream Team)

And after:

Bedroom 1 ‘after” photo (Photo: Jake)

This room took longer than expected because there were lots of small things that needed ‘fixing’ — for example — removing the Sharpie-graffiti left by the children that formerly inhabited the room. That took a while, and it involved hands, knees, and super low-grit sandpaper + a handful of patience. I probably don’t need to say more.

All of the main walls in the house are the same color, Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White. This white is on the cooler side, which we wanted because we get a lot of natural light and wanted to stay away from any yellow-inducing-hues. Great for skin color enhancement but not if you are haunted by former residences with yellow walls. Decorator’s White has a cool undertone, containing a little gray. It’s a softer version of a pure white such as Chantilly Lace which was also a contender.

Mid-paint (Photo: Jake)

We not only painted the walls but also painted the molding because we wanted a super sharp clean white look for this room. I know this is sacrilegious in some parts of the design world, but we like it (and spoiler alert — we have kept some natural wood in other parts of the house).  Everything took 2-3 coats, and we could have done a better job, but for room one we weren’t being too picky.

I also removed, sanded, and painted the hydronic heating cover baseboards They weren’t in terrible shape originally, other than the high gloss paint together with some minor dings and scratches.

Nothing fancy here, just a few coats of Rust-Oleum flat white. And while I did this Jake also changed out every. damn. outlet. and switch in the room and there are so many! No clue why, but one will never be without a plug in this room. Get yourself a man who does electric.

Jake doing some electrical work (Photo: Britt)

One thing I really wanted to do was get rid of the very 80’s closet doors, and I considered a number of DIY projects before deciding that a coat of paint might be sufficient. Being the boring person that I am, I wanted something in this room to stand out, so I decided using color was my path forward. I’m not really a green person, but I am now that I love in the Catskills. When I found Benjamin Moore’s Vintage Vogue, I was sold.

I used Vintage Vogue on the closet doors and the room’s door.

First coat of Vintage Vogue while it was still drying on the door (Photo: Jake)

For the closet doors, I bought some plain wood knobs at the local hardware store. I considered painting them matte black but liked how they looked as-is — a little mid-century modern-y. The room’s main door is a $5 cheapo that they threw on to show the house, and its handle was just as uncharming. I did try matte black stove paint as a temporary fix. It looks good but is not a long-term solution. It chips easily and feels weird when it hot out. We will definitely invest in nice knobs/handles when the budget allows. For now, I feel really good about the door DIY:

(Photo: Jake)

Another thing I really wanted for this room (and all of the bedrooms) was a Floyd platform bed. It will run you $650 for a queen, which was feeling pretty steep for me, so I sought out Jake to design a dupe. And he did for about $70. I hope he writes a full post on the design and builds because it’s pretty doable (from afar, not like I really helped or anything…). I definitely want two more of these for the other bedrooms because it looks great, and a slight misdesign led to fantastic addition: built-in nightstand. Long story short, the frame was a tad on the long side, so we just scooched the mattress up which left a nice space behind the bed, perfect for a few books, my glasses, and my phone. I actually think it’s adorable and I love it:

(Photo: Jake)

(Photo: Jake)

I like to keep where I sleep pretty much just a place where I sleep, so this room honestly won’t have much added to it. A few other details that might be of interest. With no AC, you need a fan here. I have the Hunter ‘Dempsey’ 44-inch at home, and it does the trick, so I purchased those for the rooms that needed them (you’ll see our DIY of some of the old fans later!). LED bulb, remote, Jake hates overhead lighting but it is there if you need it. The rug is from All Modern, and it’s always on sale, and it’s actually an indoor/outdoor rug. I love rugs. I’ve gone to Morocco for rugs. But this house is in the woods and we track dirt in and lots of it. I don’t want to worry about ruining things, so this seemed like a logical choice. The quality of indoor/outdoor rung varies but this looks like a real enough rug that I’m sure those who aren’t connoisseurs would never notice the difference. The roller shades are custom and worth every penny. They are the ‘Classic Fabric Roller Shades‘ from Select Blinds. Finally, bedding is linen and from the almighty Target, that, of course, I got on clearance!

One more shot:


(Photo: Jake)

The room up next (the ‘weird’ room):

(Photo: Jake)


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