Some Birds

Though, I have never considered myself a “birder,” I have always enjoyed watching and photographing birds. My office in the Highmount House offers a second story western view, as well as a northern. I got really lucky almost right off the bat with a handful a owl sightings. The longest lens that I own is a 200mm. So it can be tough to pull focus on such a small subject that is dozens of yards away. This week I ordered a doubler for that lens. I’ll lose my 2.8 max aperture, but I should be able to get some much sharper snaps. For all of these I was using a Canon 5D (either a mkiii or a mkiv) with a 70-200 f/2.8L. They are all cropped down significantly, which is why so much grain. The doubler that I ordered will give me 400mm. Can’t wait to see how those snaps match up against these ones.

Anyway, here is a collection of shots from the past couple of years that I snapped from my office window while on calls, etc.. Last winter I put up a feeder outside the west facing window (kind of cheating, I know). Bears are also fans of bird feed, so it isn’t really great idea to use them during the warm months. But is has made for some fun bird watching during cold months.

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