Catskills Fire Tower Challenge

Fire Tower at Red Hill Mountain, June 19, 2022

During the warmer months, we try to get in at least one hike per weekend. Britt has spent a fair amount of time researching trails for us to explore (she is an official forest steward of the Delaware Wild Forest, haha). One thing that Britt discovered is that there are various “challenges” involving the completion of a certain set of trails in a specific time frame. These challenges range from something that could easily be completed in a couple of weekends, to something that seems like it would be tough to complete while holding a full time job. We (mostly Britt) chose one that was somewhere in the middle– the Catskills Fire Tower Challenge. This challenge requires the participant to hike to 6 different fire towers (remnants from the pre-satellite era of fire spotting) in a calendar year. Successfully completing the challenge earns you a patch from the NY DEC. As of the date of this post, we have completed three of the six. My favorite, so far, has been Balsam Mountain. Here are a few photos from the hikes–

Britt and Lola on the trail to the Balsam Mountain tower.

Inside the cabin at the top of the Red Hill Mountain tower.

One of the views from the Red Hill Mountain tower.

At the Balsam Mountain Tower

One of the views from the Balsam Mountain tower

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